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With Aqua Clean Pools/Spas you are insured to have a quality pool builder to be tehre for you every step of the way. Building a new pool is not done by one company as most people think; it is done by a series of contractors, plumber, electricians etc… that all need to be scheduled and managed, not to mention city permits and city inspections at different levels of the pool build. Aqua Clean Pools / Spa is here for you, and understands this entire process. We help build your affordable pool!
You can now get a top quality pool for less by adding your sweet-equity to the project combined with our knowledge, expertise & skill.
We listen to your wants and needs to help fit any customers’ budget. 

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Pool Design

Trying decide which pool is right for you. You need advice on what size, shape and depth are suitable for you and your space. We are here to help in designing your pool with the latest technology, turning your backyard oasis into a virtual reality.

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After deciding on the pool, design and financies to buy a pool – The construction starts! There are 9 phases in building the pool. The first phase is layout followed by excavation, plumbing, electrical, shotcrete, hardscape, decking, tile and interior finish install. Let us manage the process so there is not anything missed that can comprise the entire project.

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New Pool Startup

Your pool is all built, and you have the water starting to fill it. Exciting, but now you have to startup that pool equipment, make sure the water has the proper chemical and PH to be safe for you and your family. All that pool equipment and electrical switches can be confusing, and actually drain your pool if the wrong thing is pushed. The different valves, switches and buttons can be overwhelming, especially in these new modern high-tech pools with heaters, fiber optic lighting, salt systems, waterfalls and spas. After every pool we build our customers will receive a full orientation of your equipment along with a handbook with step by step instructions on each equipment installed. 

Construction Stages



Plumbing & Electrical




Interior Finish

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Start Up

Ready to Enjoy!

Pools By Aqua Clean Pools/Spas

Check out our videos below of some of the new pools we recently built.

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