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Pool Education Is Important

Aqua Clean Pools / Spa is truly your pool therapist!  We truly believe in bringing balance to your backyard pool, and sometimes that involves explaining why we CAN’T DO WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTS because it could severely damage or even ruin their pool.  We believe in educating our clients on thew proper maintenance and pool safety.  An example of this is a phone call we received yesterday from one of our loyal customers whom we have been servicing fore years.

  1. Customer calls and wants an acid wash right now because has noticed a piece of metal or something had fallen into the pool causing a stain on the interior pebble finish.
  2. While most companies would do this in September, the temperatures in the Phoenix area are still pretty high, causing your empty pool to be open to much more vulnerabilities than in cooler weather.
  3. Aqua Clean Pool / Spa explained to our client we could schedule the pool drain and acid wash towards  the end of October, and explained some of the reasons it is simply not safe to do in hot temperatures.
    1. Empty pools in hot temperatures are more prone to cracking than when emptied when the temperatures drop down.
    2. An empty pool can actually pop out of the ground, so Aqua Clean Pool / Spa takes every  precaution when emptying a pool.  There is sometime unknown water underground causing pressure; this is one cause of pools popping out of the ground.
    3. Cooler temperatures are more comfortable for the crew to work in, taking less breaks to cool down and getting the job done faster.
  4. This is just one example of how we do the right thing for you and your pool, sometimes not being able to do what is wanted.



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