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Who Let The Dog’s Out?!

This was an entertaining phrase heard on the radio a few years ago, but is definitely not a phrase you will hear after Aqua Clean Pools /Spa services your pool. Aqua Clean Pools /Spa is different from other pool companies in many ways; you will see this after you get to know us, and see how we differ from the 5 minute man type pool service you may have experienced with other pool companies.


Many families have experienced the heart wrenching pain of the family pet getting outside of the gate, roaming the dangerous streets along, dodging oncoming vehicles, lost and hungry. Many times these unfortunate pet escapes turn out with a happy ending, and the pet is found/ reunited with the family. Other times, there is a much much more grim outcome; either the pets are never found, hoping a nice family took them in… or the worst… the pets are found dead by either being struck by a vehicle or attacked by a coyote. The pet escapes usually are not escapes at all; they are the result of someone simply leaving the gate open, and opportunity serves the pathway of what seems to be freedom to you family member.


While Aqua Clean Pools /Spa is evidently a pool service and repair company, there is SO much more to us than simply business. We understand family, truly appreciate your trusting us into your home environment– and respect you to the fullest. This respect of course begins with the job we are hired for, and that is to bring crystal blue to you. The respect goes on to get to know your pets, perhaps say hello to your neighbor Dave and really become acquainted with your home, family, pool and your overall situation. 


When we come to service or repair your pool or pool equipment, the area we work in will look better after we leave that before we arrived. We make sure all pool equipment is safely adjusted, recommendations are noted, pool water is perfectly stabilized and we make sure all areas of access are secured.


(623) 486-1891

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It just makes sense to hire us to take care of your pool.

The average pool owner who services their own pool spends between 20 and 30 minutes a week just skimming or cleaning the pool area, checking chemical or going to the pool supply store.

For about $20ish a week we can handle all of this for you, including the price of chemicals. It is so much more cost effective to have your pool professionally serviced when you really look at how much time your spending, what your time is worth, having to pay full retail for mediocre pool chemicals and also honestly, just not having the vast pool knowledge we do.

Call us to take this task off your plate for the cost of a few cups of coffee a week!

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Refer To Earn!

Have you heard about our program we offer to our existing customers who refer customers to us, AND the referred customers do business with Aqua Clean Pools?


Call our office for more details! 

(623) 486-1891

*Refer To Earn program is for existing Aqua Clean Pool / Spa customers only.



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When Is The Best Time To Have A Pool Built?

This is a question that is answered different by different companies.  Our short answer is simply “ANYTIME!”, we don’t price gouge our customers, so winter or summer– it really doesn’t matter.  As a matter of convenience, most people would rather be swimming in the summer, rather than seeing a pool be built in their backyard.  If this is you… then you should probably start your pool build process in February; besides the actual pool dig, electrical, plumbing, shotcrete etc… there is plans and permits that need to be ordered prior to any work being done.

How much of a super hero would you be if you surprised your family with an excavator showing up, digging the pool hole?  There would be so many questions as to why the tractor was at the house, and what was going on… Once everyone finds out about your delicious surprise, you are suddenly family member of the year!  Usually within just a few short months, your pool is filling up with water.

The benefits of having a backyard pool are endless.  Having a pool with children, although water safety is always first, actually causes children to stay at home more– bringing their friends to the house, instead of out wherever.  It is always nicer to know exactly where your children are at, instead of hoping they are where they say, hoping they are wearing their seat belt and a plethora of other concerns.  A pool bring family together, period.

Having a pool, even if your not much of a swimmer also brings peace and tranquility to the backyard, not to mention a higher home resale value.  Nothing is more relaxing in January than sitting outside in the morning with that cup of Joe, listening to the waterfall.  The lighting options available now are endless. The days of a white flashlight looking pool light are over.  Do you want color changing lights, fiber optics or lights that blink to the beat of the music?  If you can dream it, we probably can build it.

If you already have a pool built, and are just ready to enjoy it rather than cleaning it all the time, we do that too!

Author: ©Tyra Wade

Date: 11/30/2017

Back To Home

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Choosing the wrong pool company could cost you money!

Experience matters when taking care of a pool. We not only look at the water chemical levels, but proactively look at pressures, equipment and mechanical problems. We help you to maintain your equipment vs. unexpected costly emergency repairs.



Below are the TOP 5 REASONS why you should choose Aqua Clean Pools / Spa for your next project:
Custom Swimming Pools & Spas

Falls & Water Features

Pool Maintenance

Pool Design

Over 25 Years Experience


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We Are Hiring!

We are looking for looking for a Pool Service Tech to join our team. This position is full time with benefits such as medical, vacation time, sick days and 401 K available. Applicants should have at least 1 year or pool of pool service experience along with customer service. The ideal candidates will be capable of working with minimal oversight but willing to follow directions closely. Our pools are closely routed and we expect you to perform your route in a timely manner, with integrity, positive attitude and with the highest customer service.

We are a family owned and operated servicing pools, repairs, remodels and new pool construction. Our company is rapidly growing and we want some one that is looking to move into positions beyond a basic pool service tech.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Promote our company values and a high level of customer care to all of your clients.
  • Perform regular cleaning and maintenance on pools as assigned.
  • Have a working knowledge of pool chemistry and be able to address any pool chemistry needs at job site.
  • Complete chemical report and time card after each completed service.
  • Identify any needed repairs or service needs back to repairs manager.
  • On time are ready to work at 7am Monday thru Friday. Some Saturdays.

Position Requirements:

  • 1+ year of pool chemistry knowledge
  • Basic understanding of pool equipment and small pool repairs
  • Experience in customer service
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Must have dependable
  • Valid Driver’s License with clean driving record.
  • Pass background check.
  • Speak English.
  • Clean appearance.
  • Professional, friendly demeanor.
  • Smart phone with data plan.
  • Able to lift at least 50lbs
  • Flexible hours

Job Type: Full-time

Highlights info row image(623) 486-1891

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DIY Trends Going Away


I have heard many of wives cringe at the thought of their husband’s making the trip down to the local big box home improvement store to fix the sink, knowing full well the likelihood of having to call a plumber in the end is probable.  The plumber we all know is called only after everything has been tried, all his buddies come over, a case of beer, 3 pizzas, 6 hours and a cornucopia of plumbing parts all over your sink area.   The same goes for the impulsive trip to go buy floor tile after watching one of those DIY home improvement shows; all of a sudden we get excited and think because it was done by a pretty girl and her accountant husband… then anybody can.  Those shows probably go through endless cuts and edits.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with both scenarios above, more and more people are leaving home improvement projects to professionals in that specific home improvement area.  I heard last week “I wouldn’t want a shoe salesman doing my organ transplant”.  This is the rationale that is trending now.

Professional services seem to cost more than doing it yourself in the beginning, but not really.  People are now asking them self the following questions before starting any home improvement project:

  1. Is there any dangerous chemicals that could subject my family or I to harm, cancer or even death?
  2. How much do I know about …?
  3. How long will it take me?
  4. What is my time worth?
  5. How much will it cost to rent equipment?
  6. How much will parts be?
  7. Is this dangerous, period?
  8. How much are any parts & materials?
  9. What is the likelihood I won’t be able to complete the project correctly?
  10. If I start the project, can’t complete it… is this something that can wait unfinished, or will a provisional need to come in to remedy?
  11. The list of questions goes on and on…

I will put a few scenarios together that have helped people determine sometime doing it yourself is just downright dangerous.

  DIY Dangers:

Scenario 1:  Jack decided it was too expensive to hire a pool service company.  Jack was maintaining his pool, and did OK.  He would get the occasional green water… but he’d throw a bunch of shock in there and the green would go away.  Good– right?  Well, maybe in some cases, but what happened in Jack’s case was his water became a big hazard, and got his entire family sick.  Cryptosporidium is a highly contagious and serious parasitic illness that his entire got infected with by swimming in water that had these hidden organism parasites sharing the water with them.  You see, Cryptosporidium is resistant to chlorine, so those handy dandy shock bags didn’t kill them; a professional pool maintenance company knows this.  You can do an internet search on the symptoms of Cryptosporidium, it’s not pretty.


Jack now has a professional pool company come out and service his home in Phoenix, AZ.

Scenario 2: Don just got done watching a home improvement show and decides he wants to re-tile the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room.  Don and his family went to the flooring store, and picked out some beautiful tile slates that looked just like wood flooring.  Everyone was super excited, envisioning what the house would look like with the new flooring.  Over a thousand dollars later, and buying all of the materials Google said was required to undertake this process, the family begins the project.  The family had got so excited about putting in the new flooring, and how easy it looked on TV to remove the old tile, they didn’t put a lot of thought into it.  Well… they couldn’t get the old tile up at all.  Don went to the equipment rental store, rented this machine to help chip up tile and he was on his way.

What Don didn’t realize is that the grout in the tile has dangerous dust called silica that can make people very sick, in fact this silica dust has been proven to cause cancer.  Don gets half the kitchen floor chipped up, starts picking up the sharp pieces of tile to dispose of them, and SNAP!  Don got an unexpected huge, gashing cut caused by a sharp piece of tile.  The cut was so deep, blood was gushing everywhere like a scene from a horror film!  His wife and kids are now in route to the emergency room with Don.  28 stitches later, instructions to take it easy for 14 days, pain pills, a $2900.00 emergency room bill and a tore up kitchen floor… The broken tile and silica dust stays in the kitchen for 3 weeks with the kitchen masked off due to the sharp tile danger till Don can get back to it.  The family goes out to eat over the next 3 weeks because the kitchen is out of commission, and spends another $1500.00 just on restaurants.

Next thing thing you know, baby Cindi’s asthma is spiraling out of control, needing breathing treatments several times a day.  Baby Cindi actually ended up at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital for 5 days.  While baby Cindi already had asthma, it was well managed, but for some reason the family couldn’t get a handle on it.  The doctors interviewed both parents to ask if there was anything different in baby Cindi’s environment, and the parents explain the DYI floor tile removal project gone bad.

The look on the doctor’s face was that of horror.

The doctor had explained to the parents that they had been exposed to, and exposing their baby girl to cancerous silica dust over the past 3 weeks.  The doctor explained the dangers of this silica, and how the dust is so fine that masking off the kitchen with plastic wasn’t enough.  He went on to say that the entire home had most likely become contaminated with this silica dust, even in the smallest of crevices, including baby Cindi’s toys and furniture.  The doctor advised not to have baby Cindi enter the home till it had been decontaminated professionally.

  The parent’s hired a professional cleaning company to remedy the home immediately.  This was A TON OF MONEY!

So now the house is free as can be of silica, the broken tile has been discarded and the home has been professionally cleaned.  Baby Cindi can now come home.

The house is safe to live in, but the kitchen floor is have torn up because it couldn’t be completed.  Now after being cut so badly by a piece of tile he needed stitches, and his child incurring breathing issues because of the silica dust, Don knows he can’t undergo this task.

Don got on the internet and found a DUST FREE TILE REMOVAL COMPANY!  There was a fee for this of course, but what Don realized is that it would have cost so much less money by having the tile removed professionally than the medical bills, restaurants and missed work.  Dust B Gone was the company that came out to safely remove the rest of the tile.  The tile was removed so clean, and also fast.  Don and his family were able to install the tile they bought, but now will have second thoughts before trying a do it yourself home improvement project.


Author © Tyra Wade




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Happy First Day Of Fall!

The hot summer days are behind us!  Now is time to start looking at things like you pool plaster and pebble; does it have stains on it?  Acid washing may be the solution!  Aqua Clean Pool / Spa is a leader in pool service and Phoenix pool acid washing.  Call Aqua Clean Pool / Spa to help winterize your pool if needed, acid wash your pool or just make sure your water is chemically balanced.  (623) 486-1891

Look at your floors; are they getting old looking and dingy?  Does you dirty grout need cleaning?  Does your carpet have a dirt trail in high traffic areas?  Qualitymaster Carpet Care is here for carpet, tile and dirty grout cleaning.  602.505.4091

When your carpet is dirty, many times that is an indication of dirty air ducts.  Pro Solutions Air can clean and sanitize your ducts, as well as go over other indoor air quality options technology is offering now.  They also do dryer vent cleaning!

If you are looking at those old 12 inch tile that came with the house, and would really like to replace them with a new modern 18 inch+ floor tile, then Dust B Gone is the company to remove that old tile virtually dust free & SAFELY before you install your new tile.  Tile grout contains a dangerous chemical called  silica, which has been proven to cause cancer when ingested.  623.748.3041


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Pool Education Is Important

Aqua Clean Pools / Spa is truly your pool therapist!  We truly believe in bringing balance to your backyard pool, and sometimes that involves explaining why we CAN’T DO WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTS because it could severely damage or even ruin their pool.  We believe in educating our clients on thew proper maintenance and pool safety.  An example of this is a phone call we received yesterday from one of our loyal customers whom we have been servicing fore years.

  1. Customer calls and wants an acid wash right now because has noticed a piece of metal or something had fallen into the pool causing a stain on the interior pebble finish.
  2. While most companies would do this in September, the temperatures in the Phoenix area are still pretty high, causing your empty pool to be open to much more vulnerabilities than in cooler weather.
  3. Aqua Clean Pool / Spa explained to our client we could schedule the pool drain and acid wash towards  the end of October, and explained some of the reasons it is simply not safe to do in hot temperatures.
    1. Empty pools in hot temperatures are more prone to cracking than when emptied when the temperatures drop down.
    2. An empty pool can actually pop out of the ground, so Aqua Clean Pool / Spa takes every  precaution when emptying a pool.  There is sometime unknown water underground causing pressure; this is one cause of pools popping out of the ground.
    3. Cooler temperatures are more comfortable for the crew to work in, taking less breaks to cool down and getting the job done faster.
  4. This is just one example of how we do the right thing for you and your pool, sometimes not being able to do what is wanted.


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Another beautiful pool design

If your thinking about building a pool give us a call today! We can help you design the pool of your dreams with any budget.

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