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When Is The Best Time To Have A Pool Built?

This is a question that is answered different by different companies.  Our short answer is simply “ANYTIME!”, we don’t price gouge our customers, so winter or summer– it really doesn’t matter.  As a matter of convenience, most people would rather be swimming in the summer, rather than seeing a pool be built in their backyard.  If this is you… then you should probably start your pool build process in February; besides the actual pool dig, electrical, plumbing, shotcrete etc… there is plans and permits that need to be ordered prior to any work being done.

How much of a super hero would you be if you surprised your family with an excavator showing up, digging the pool hole?  There would be so many questions as to why the tractor was at the house, and what was going on… Once everyone finds out about your delicious surprise, you are suddenly family member of the year!  Usually within just a few short months, your pool is filling up with water.

The benefits of having a backyard pool are endless.  Having a pool with children, although water safety is always first, actually causes children to stay at home more– bringing their friends to the house, instead of out wherever.  It is always nicer to know exactly where your children are at, instead of hoping they are where they say, hoping they are wearing their seat belt and a plethora of other concerns.  A pool bring family together, period.

Having a pool, even if your not much of a swimmer also brings peace and tranquility to the backyard, not to mention a higher home resale value.  Nothing is more relaxing in January than sitting outside in the morning with that cup of Joe, listening to the waterfall.  The lighting options available now are endless. The days of a white flashlight looking pool light are over.  Do you want color changing lights, fiber optics or lights that blink to the beat of the music?  If you can dream it, we probably can build it.

If you already have a pool built, and are just ready to enjoy it rather than cleaning it all the time, we do that too!

Author: ©Tyra Wade

Date: 11/30/2017

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